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Private Flooded Farm And Open Water Hunts...Variety Of Species....Ducks & Geese...

You'll hunt open water of the Tennessee River offering you a variety of waterfowl species. Also available is a private flooded farm where soybeans and corn are flooded.

My farm is located in-between two state refuges and adds another dimension to the menu for hunters.

Mallards are most common but species such as black duck, widgeon, gadwall, pintail, canvasback, redhead, teal and shovelers are taken. In addition to puddle ducks several species of divers are taken such as goldeneye, ringneck, scaup, and bufflehead in a single day's hunt in open water.

Open water style hunts offer you a wide variety of species and you get a chance to see birds work the decoys and respond to calling techniques.  

Here you'll have the chance to bag both ducks and geese on the same morning from the same blinds!

The flooded river bottoms have long been a corridor for movement of waterfowl between the Mississippi River and Tennessee River, especially after heavy rains. Thousands of ducks and geese fly directly over the farm as its situated on a main artery of west Tennessee's most popular waterfowl region.

You'll shoot from comfortable, propane heated blinds which are well constructed and safe. Each hunter has a separate shooting stall. Blinds are NOT crowded and easy to shoot from. Seats accommodate you in a dry area.

Blinds accommodate seven (7) hunters, in addition to the guide. The guide stands in the middle slot with hunters on each side so you have the best angles for shooting when ducks work in on one corner or the other. Small or large groups are welcome. I can accommodate small parties who desire exclusive blinds for an additional fee.

A hefty lunch will be prepared in the blind for every hunter consisting of hefty portions and southern hospitality. Ranging from marinated pork chops and chicken to country ham, venison tenderloin, fish, etc....with all the trimmings. You won't leave hungry!

Guides furnish retrievers and the area is an excellent place to see the benefits of a good dog at work. We prefer to use our own dogs, as they are experienced and familiar with the layout of the blind, dog ramps, etc....

Each blind is surrounded by large decoy spreads (approximately 300). Sandbars adjacent to blinds are covered with full bodied, half shells, and silhouettes of geese.

We prefer to do the duck calling, yet we welcome additional calling for geese so bring along your goose calls. And, we're willing to give tips and help you with your own duck or goose calling while you're here.

Canada geese are the most common for us in this portion of the Mississippi flyway.  

New 2013-2014 Season Dates

Thanks to another good fall flight forecast well have a 60-day season and 6-duck bag limit. Season dates will be November 28th through January 26, 2014.

Call or email me for reservations or additional details at 731-642-0360 or email

Now taking bookings so call early to get the most availability. Once you reserve dates I'll follow up with a confirmation and nonresident license form, plus motel meeting times and other info mailed to you.   

Early Season
Ducks: Wood Duck/Teal Early Season (Sept 14-18) 2014 Limit: Four (4) Ducks daily and not more than two (2) wood ducks.
Geese: Early Season (Sept 1-15) Limit: Five (5) daily.
Regular Season
Ducks:  Nov 28-Jan 26, 2014. Limit: Six (6) daily.
Geese: Same Dates As Duck Season Limit: Three (3) Canada Geese daily.

Shooting Hours

  • 1/2 hour before sunrise until 2 p.m.

Daily Bag Limit

  • Six (6) ducks (not more than four mallards). A daily bag limit of 6 ducks may include no more than 4 mallards (no more than 2 of which may be hens), 3 wood ducks, 1 black duck, 2 pintails, 1 canvasback, 2 redheads, 4 scaup. We're allowed three (3) Canada geese.



  • Non-resident 7-day consecutive - $52.50 (Fee Includes Tennessee Migratory Bird Permit (TMBP)
  • Kids (13-15 yrs) Jr. Hunting - $11 (Fee Includes Tennessee  Migratory Bird Permit)
  • Federal Duck Stamp (16 yrs and over) - $15.00

Once you book a hunt I will follow with a packet mailed to you containing confirmation forms, along with nonresident license sheet, lodging info and motel meeting times, etc.

As a service to hunters I will pick up licenses and present them to you on the first morning of our hunt.

Licenses can also be purchased online at The online vendor charges a processing fee.


Steel, Hevi-Shot, Bismuth or Tungston-Iron type non toxic shot is required. Guns recommended are 12 gauge or larger with shot in the #1 or #2 size working best for ducks. For geese BB's or BBB size works best. It's a good idea to bring an extra gun along in case someone in your party has a gun malfunction. Many hunters bring two to the blind and load one for ducks; the other for geese. 

Chest waders are worn by guides but insulated hip or knee boots are sufficient. If you have hip boots or chest waders then go ahead and bring them as we sometimes hunt a temporary setup off the riverbanks, depending on where the ducks are using.

Camouflage raingear, camou face paint or see-thru mask, overcoat, hat, gloves, camera, binoculars, sunglasses, thermos, soft drinks, flashlight, and alarm clock should also be on your list.

In case you wish to have birds mounted it's a good idea to bring along plastic garbage bags for transporting them to your taxidermist. 

Game Cleaning

Birds can be dressed, packaged and frozen for a nominal charge. Bring a cooler for transporting your fowl home. 


Rates for the 2014/2015 waterfowl hunting season will be $135 per person per day with a 50% deposit required of the total hunt days booked. A thirty (30) day notice is required on cancellations or deposit is void.

Daily rate includes a hefty meal prepared for you in the blind each day by your guide, along with heated blind, decoys, boats, guide, dogs, etc...

Once you reserve dates I'll mail you confirmation and nonresident license forms.

Hunting Lodging

Hunters have several options as to locations. The Hampton Inn (731)-642-2838, Super-8 Motel (731)-644-7008, and Paris Inn and Suites (731)-642-8881 are popular choices. Call for current rates.

Wake-up call is available but just to be sure you rise on time, bring your own alarm clock! Nice restaurants and sporting goods stores are located nearby. I've used all these facilities for years and recommend them.

Once you reserve hunt dates youll receive a hunt confirmation mailing which includes motel meeting times and additional information.

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